Tips for Promoting Your Events in Alton

Provide the Town Council with 10 copies (A4 portrait) of your poster which will be placed on all of the Town’s notice boards (which takes in all car park locations from the Station car park to Mount Pleasant car park).

Provide posters to the Visitors Office, Library and the Community Centre.

Contact the local radio station to promote your event:
‘Wey Valley Radio’:

The local newspapers are also a good source for publicising your event and can be contacted on 01420 82819 and you can place details of your event directly on the website under “what’s on” at

Speak with the schools and colleges and find out if they will add your event to internal newsletters/publications/noticeboards.
Alton College, Old Odiham Road, Alton GU34 2LX Tel: 01420 592200
Amery Hill, Alton, GU34 2BZ Tel: 01420 84545
Eggars, London Road, Holybourne, Alton GU34 4EQ Tel: 01420 541194
Treloar College, Treloar Trust, Upper Froyle, Alton, GU34 4JX Tel: 01420 526526

What about a banner on the railings by Sainsburys – subject to certain conditions contact Hampshire County Council to discuss.

Speak to other organisations who have successfully put on events – network with them to see how they did it, what did they do differently, how successful were they.

Check and double check your posters – have you said where the event is to take place, provided details of how to buy tickets (and always try to give alternatives as opposed to just one contact name). Consider what people need to know in order to support your event:
Date and time
The name of the event

Finally, create fliers and post them around the community – grocery stores, coffeehouses and consider what type of people would be interested in your event and focus on the places they’d be likely to go.
Don’t forget, fly-posting is illegal, so make sure you don’t put your posters on property without the owners or council’s permission first.