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Since 1955 Broadlands has helped children and adults with a wide range of disabilities. Based in a uniquely calm countryside environment in Medstead near Alton, Hampshire, Broadlands provides therapeutic riding lessons, carriage driving and ground based therapy sessions for children and adults with a disability.

The aim of the Broadlands’ team of trained volunteers and RDA coaches is to help our participants, many with a wide variety of problems, to see new horizons and achieve new goals.

Dedicated to supporting children and adults with physical and learning disabilities.  Our ponies are selected for their calm, caring nature and are exercised and trained for the work we do.  Our RDA qualified coaches work at the pace to suit each rider, helping them to improve their lives through working with a pony.

Being in the presence of a pony that is calm and relaxed can help us disconnect from upsetting thoughts, emotions and other stressors that disrupt our inner peace, opening us up to be in a state of mind and body that enables self awareness and positive new learning.  Interaction with the pony can increase self-awareness; the pony will respond to our body language, breathing, heart rate and emotional energy.  This kind of ‘mirroring’ behaviour can provide us with a strong visual cue to help us develop awareness of our own emotional energy and body language.

Carriage Driving
Carriage driving helps to improve coordination and balance of those who take part. The freedom of being in the open air with a pony also provides an antidote to the isolation that often comes with having a severe disability.
Working to achieve RDA Carriage Driving Certificates can give purpose and focus, all the way to competition level.  Our carriages are adapted to take wheelchairs so we can offer drives to both ambulant and non-ambulant.  Drivers can also practice their rein handling with Horace our rein trainer.

If you would like to be involved in the success and happiness the helpers create at Broadlands, please get in touch.