Wellbeing Workshop for Teachers

Hosted by Gilbert White’s Field Studies Centre, Selborne


Tuesday 18 June 2024


From 5pm until 7:15pm


£30 per person


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Outdoor workshop offering teachers a rare opportunity to focus on themselves

You will come away with a valuable perspective on your current state of wellbeing and armed with several helpful strategies for becoming more self-aware and reducing stress.

The workshop takes place in the beautiful setting of the Gilbert White’s Field Studies Centre barn and meadow where you will be surrounded by trees and bird song.

After complementary welcome refreshments, you will be guided through a series of fun and thought-provoking activities designed to help you manage your nervous system, take a step back to assess how you are coping with life and set yourself up for the rest of the term. Activities will include participating in discussion groups, walking and talking with one other person and having time to reflect on your own.

The workshop is led by Sally Thomas. Following a career in human resource management and training, Sally retrained as a counsellor and spent 14 years counselling in the education and health sectors, a hospice for children and young adults and in private practice. She has a passion for offering wellbeing themed outdoor workshops which incorporate the benefits of working in nature. Sally also gives talks and presentations, leads wellbeing walks and is constantly exploring ways to enhance our mental health through connection with ourselves, others and nature.

Come dressed appropriately for the weather conditions; unless there is heavy rain we will be working outside and will be doing some walking. Bring a notebook and pen. Additional information will be provided nearer the time.

All attendees should approach the workshop with the mindset that anything discussed will be treated in confidence.