Talk: The Colour of Silence with Clare Newton

Hosted by Gilbert White’s House, Selborne


Tuesday 15 August 2023


From 7pm until 8pm


Tickets are £8 in-person and £8 for attending online


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Award winning photographic artist Clare Newton discusses her latest photography book ‘The Colour of Silence’ with interesting anecdotes about nature along the way in this evening talk

Can a book help to acknowledge the truth? Nature is fragile, beautiful, ugly and harsh; but in every form it is beyond precious – this is the simple message contained in Clare Newtons’ illustrated narrative photo book, the Colour of Silence.

The award-winning photographer has turned her attention to the unspoken elements of nature. Using her skill in combining researched messages and the art of creative photography, she has made a book to draw a non-conservation aware reader into a sense of reality and trigger a deeper interest in acknowledging the fast-approaching truth.

During this evening talk, Clare will share her creative photography and tell some of the many stories connected to nature that lays all around us, their quirky history, and how special it is to notice the small easily forgotten details in life.

Clare will be following the talk with book sales. This talk will also be live-streamed via Zoom.

There will be an opportunity to view the exhibition in the house beforehand, from 6pm. Otherwise doors open for the talk (held in the Field Studies Centre) from 6.30pm.