Story Telling Sessions

Hosted by Gilbert White’s House, Selborne


Tuesday 24 to Thursday 26 August 2021




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Three interactive storytelling sessions based on the people, places and stories of Gilbert White's House museum

Performances at 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Tuesday 24th August: Wildflowers for the Zig Zag Path – Gilbert White’s Aunt is planning a birthday surprise for her nephew by planting wildflowers along the famous Zig Zag path. Help her use clues from his journals to identify the plants and animals he describes and create a habitat for some of the creatures he loved.

Wednesday 25th August: A Difficult Attainment- Frank Oates has sent a collection of items home whilst trekking towards the Victoria Falls in Southern Africa, but his mother has no idea what they are or where they are from. Help her identify the mystery finds and use them to map out his journey.

Thursday 26th August: Mapping Mission Penguin Egg- Three explorers have been on a journey through the darkness of the Antarctic winter to search for the eggs of Emperor Penguins. Listen to the sounds of the journey and map their progress with the help of equipment brought back from their adventure.

‘Dawn Nelson, also known as DD Storyteller, is a local storyteller living on the South Downs. Her passion is connecting people with nature, history and the landscape that surrounds them, through storytelling. Working as an author, storyteller and consultant, she writes and performs interactive, original and traditional tales, as well as creating story based events, workshops and storytelling clubs for all ages. She has had a passion for stories all her life, from the epic sagas of the old worlds to the anecdote told between friends at the dinner table. Her work with heritage sites has seen her write, produce and perform interactive stories that bring history alive for children and encourage the next generation to invest in their heritage and local community.’

Covid-19 Information and Guidance

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