Steam Illuminations at The Watercress Line

Hosted by The Watercress Line


Friday 18 November 2022 to Saturday 7 January 2023


Pairs (table for up to 2 people) - £55
Tables for up to 4 people - £110
Compartment for up to 6 people - £180


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Steam Illuminations is a unique Christmas, pixel mappable digital LED train. It’s an incredible light show on and in a steam train, consisting of thousands of fully controllable colour mixing LED lights and LED wristbands. This makes the train look magical both inside and out.

Marvel at the wonderful light show with different colours and flashing patterns, whilst sitting back and relaxing on one of our steam trains as it travels up and down our 10 mile line.

There’ll also be comical narration throughout your journey from the one and only Voiceover Man, as heard on Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor!

This is a wonderful experience for the whole family and is sure to be an event to remember.