Sewing for Wellness

Hosted by Alton Library, Alton


Monday 20 April 2020


From 10am until 4pm


Free Course

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Discover your sewing skills in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere through a mixture of practice, discussion and demonstration.

You will be introduced to different sewing techniques and to feel confident in using a sewing machine.

Learning Objectives (by the end of the course you will be able to)

  • Demonstrate the use of different stitches
  • Produce sewn items
  • Demonstrate the ability to use a sewing machine

About the Course

No previous knowledge or experience is required Learn how to use a sewing machine to produce sewn items. You will also learn how to use different features of the sewing machine to enhance your work.


Please bring with you a sewing machine (2 will be provided by the tutor Scissors Fabric Needle Cotton Pins

Course runs on 2 consecutive Mondays, 20 and 27 April.