Robin Hood

Presented by Holybourne Theatre


Saturday 3 February 2024


From 6:30pm

Presented by

Holybourne Theatre


Individual Tickets: £12:00
Family Tickets: £40 (4 people), £45 (5 people)


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Pantomime fun for all the family

The wicked Sheriff of Nottingham has kidnapped the beautiful Maid Marion and plans to force her to marry him. He and his evil mother devise a devilish plan to win the local archery competition, by cheating of course, to become rich and powerful and take over the throne of England.

Only Robin Hood, aided by his friends from the forest, Little John, Alan O Dale, Friar Tuck and the voluptuous Nora Knotty can save the day, or can they?

Robin Hood is a tale of love, greed, bold heroics, archery and really bad poetry with loads of hilarious jokes, songs, dancing, foolery and audience participation. It’s a traditional pantomime performed by an enthusiastic and talented cast of local people. It is a show that all the family will love.