Introduction to Painting with Oils

Hosted by Alton Library, Alton


Friday 10 June 2022


From 10am until 1pm


£60 payable in advance
£15 payable directly to tutor for cost of materials


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Be guided through a step-by-step process to creating a still life painting from life

Course consists of 4 Friday lessons between 10am and 1pm starting Friday 10 June 2022

Russell is a Fine Art commissioned painter and instructor, working in oils. Trained at Sarum Studios - Atelier of Fine Art, he will guide you through a step-by-step process to creating a still life painting from life.

Russell will discuss all the materials used in painting, clarify the differences between indirect and direct painting methods and provide all round clarity to help you continue your journey working with oils.

Learning Goals:
Prepare the canvas for painting
Use oil paint appropriately
Apply direct and indirect painting techniques
Apply 3 different brush strokes
Create a still life painting

About the Course:
Oil painting is sometimes considered the 'dark art', the confusing world of alchemy using pigments and oils, mediums, and varnishes. It's a world full of risks and poisonous materials with headache inducing odours, taking years to master, and producing work that takes years to dry. Let us separate fact from fiction and remove the myths associated with this wonderful media. If you would like to make a start in learning about oil painting or further your knowledge and gain more experience, then take this opportunity to join us for this focused course.

Who is this course for:
Anyone with an interest in learning how to complete an oil painting. Previous Knowledge or Experience: This is an introductory course that provides experience for both newcomers and those with some experience.

How will I learn:
Tutor demonstration and feedback.

How will I be assessed:
Tutor feedback, self-assessment.

What shall I bring:
All materials are provided but due to the costs of paint and mediums, a contribution of £15 is required, payable directly to the tutor.

Next Steps:
Further Art Courses

Covid-19 Information and Guidance

All Learners will be notified of any Covid arrangements prior to the start of the course