GW300 Online: Gilbert White: An Eighteenth-Century ‘Parson Naturalist’


Thursday 12 November 2020


From 7pm until 9pm



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Join Professor Brycchan Carey, for a Zoom talk on Gilbert White: An Eighteenth-Century ‘Parson Naturalist’, followed by a Q & A session

Gilbert White is remembered primarily as a natural historian and writer, but to the inhabitants of eighteenth-century Selborne he was first and foremost their village curate. Today, we often think of religion and science as incompatible but in fact White was only one of many eighteenth-century clergymen for whom the study of ‘God’s creation’ was an essential part of their faith. In this talk, Professor Brycchan Carey will look at the ways in which White combined the roles of clergyman and natural historian, and show how he was just one in a long tradition of ‘parson naturalists’.

The GW300 Online Talk Series is a programme of talks held digitally throughout Autumn.

There will be a Q&A session after the talk.