Further Understanding Colour and it Application in Painting

Hosted by Alton Library, Alton


Friday 23 February 2024


From 1pm until 3pm




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A continuation of the comprehensive introduction to understanding and using colour in painting

Course takes place over 5 consecutive Fridays.

Learning Goals:

  • Further Develop and apply your understanding of colour.
  • Use different media to apply paint and express the colours and the impact of their use on the atmosphere of any painting.
  • Examine colour by using a limited palette to create a harmonious work of art before using an extended palette to create a 2nd painting.
  • Work through the repeatable steps when looking at and applying paint to create a piece of art.
  • Create a minimum of three paintings incorporating metal, porcelain and cloth taking account of elements such as hue, chroma, tone and temperature.
  • Apply the key fundamentals to maintain colour whilst adjusting tone, painting light and shadow.About the course: Colour has always enriched our lives and led us to see the beauty of nature more fully. Capturing that same sense of awe in a painting is both difficult and frustrating at the same time and it’s easy to reach for whatever colour we think we see and apply that randomly to our work. Yet, more often than not, we are disappointed with the result we achieve. This course has been about not only understanding colour in a more rounded fashion but also and more importantly for painters, it’s been about understanding the application of that colour and the impact of that decision making to our work.

    No matter your preferred style of painting, having a full understanding of what you can achieve with the colours on your palette and the restrictions that come with it, will not only help you achieve more coherent and consistent art works but will also save you money in knowing what paints you need to buy to paint the type of work you want to paint. Not only will Russell continue to cover colour and its application but he will also reinforce the key fundamentals and guide you to apply your understanding and create works of art that will help raise the standard of any work you paint or draw. This course provides you the opportunity to apply that learning and to raise your painting skill

    Who is this course for: Individuals looking to develop their creative skills to gain an understanding of foundation skills, over informal fun sessions.

    Previous knowledge or experience: None required except lots of enthusiasm, willingness to learn and a desire to have fun. This is a foundation learning course and is designed to help you develop your skills no matter what type of painter you are.

    How will I learn: This is a relaxing and friendly course with opportunity for plenty of note taking and step by step demonstrations. You will be gently guided through different painting activities, reinforcing key foundations that you would normally only gain at expensive workshop type painting activities.
    Each week will focus on building your skills and will require you to commit to practical exercises that will enable your understanding of colour in painting to develop further. The focus is on practical application of colour, colour mixing and opportunity to write notes from an experienced artist

    How will I be assessed: Through observation, questioning, discussion, and peer/self-evaluation.

    What shall I bring: A materials list will be provided.

    Next steps: Further exploration of Colour and its Application in Painting with Russell

    No refunds will normally be made if a learner withdraws less than 4 working days before the start of the course.

    If you have limited mobility which could affect your ability to safely self-evacuate, please let us know when booking.