Free Games Club at The Lounge Bar, Alton

Hosted by The Lounge Bar, Alton


Sunday 4 July 2021


From 2pm until 7pm


Free admission


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Event details may be subject to change without notice.

Play games with a group of experienced and new players

We have a regular games event at the bar, which will be free entry (although donations to the charity that runs the building are always welcomed and encouraged). Our idea centres around finding five main games per session to play that will be set-up and have experienced players to explain the rules to new players and keep the games in order.

We'll pick the five games per session (and we're happy to take suggestions!) across a multitude of genres of games, but welcome suggestions of anything that you'd like to play/could run for the event.

Changing the games is part of an aim to keep everything fresh and discover new games that you may not have played.

Food is welcome to be brought into the venue and we'll pause for everyone to be able to eat without impacting play too much. Also, there's alcohol; it's a bar.

Feel free to spread the word and invite like-minded friends (although invite to the event so we can try to get exact numbers!), it would be a great venture to bring to the venue successfully.

We'll list the games as comments for each event, with a description of the game. If you'd be interested in playing then comment on the game so that we get an idea of numbers for each one.

We're feeling our way through this - so are more than happy to take suggestions on every level. We'd just like to be geeks with friendly faces, so come and join us!

Covid-19 Information and Guidance

Social distancing is in place, masks are required when not seated and one-way systems are in place.