Discover Art - Discover Your Creativity

Hosted by Alton Library, Alton


Friday 5 November 2021


From 10am until 12pm


Free course


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A walk through an experience with art focusing on using different media, understanding the materials and techniques used and learning the language around art

The course takes place over 6 consecutive Fridays.

Learning Goals:

Use different materials; Describe/demonstrate different techniques and their possibilities
Understand how lines, textures, colours and tones can affect dramatically the meaning of a drawing.
Apply the laws of composition and space.
Identify the value of using mathematics in all elements of your artwork from compositional divisions, geometry in defining shapes and ratios in colour mixing.
Analyse, synthesise and represent elements objectively and subjectively
Use language used in art, from materials to technical processes to application.
Acquire general knowledge about past and contemporary artists and artistic movements.
Push your creativity and invention

About the Course

Who is this course for: Whether its technical terms or just the mystique around the meaning or explanation used to describe the process of creating art, this course will fill in any knowledge gaps. From the new artist to those with more experience, the opportunity to push the materials used, experiment in a friendly noncritical group and walk away with a better understanding of how to create and develop your art.

Previous Knowledge or Experience: none required

How will I learn: observation and demonstration.

How will I be assessed: observation and work product.

What shall I bring: all materials provided, please bring something (i.e., an apron) to cover clothes, art goes hand in hand with mess!

Next Steps: further art courses or a potential exhibition! You may wish to explore formal art education at college

This course is aimed at Hampshire residents aged 19+ Attendance is expected at each session to ensure that you get the most out of your learning experience and to minimise disruption for other learners.

Please advise the venue/tutor of any absence you may have.

Covid-19 Information and Guidance

Face masks are optional.  Hand Sanitiser is available.  Social distancing advised.