Creative Footsteps: Mindfulness walk and poetry workshop

Hosted by Jane Austen's House Museum, Chawton


Saturday 2 October 2021


From 10am until 12:30pm




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Join us for a mindful, nature-focused walk through the autumn countryside, before returning to Jane Austen's House for an inspiring poetry workshop led by award winning poet Ellora Sutton

Join us for a relaxed ramble through the beautiful Hampshire countryside that Jane Austen knew and loved, a delightful discussion about everything Austen, with a particular focus on Sense & Sensibility, and an inspiring poetry workshop led by award-winning poet Ellora Sutton.

The walk will take us through woodland near to Chawton which Jane Austen would have known. As autumn draws in, we’ll revel in the beauty of the falling leaves and the turning of the seasons.

Returning to the House, we’ll settle down with a cup of tea to enjoy a relaxed poetry workshop inspired by Jane Austen’s first published novel, Sense & Sensibility. We’ll think about everything we’ve seen, heard and smelt on our walk, and bring it into our writing. Together, we’ll look at the ancient Japanese form of the haiku, and consider how we can incorporate Jane’s writing into our own poetry as we look for nature in the everyday.

Suitable for adults of all abilities.