Bicycle training for adults in Alton

Hosted by Amery Hill School, Alton


Saturday 16 October 2021


From 10am until 12pm


Free, with grant from East Hants District Council.


More details are available from the organisers website


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Refresh your cycling skills and increase your confidence with free training from Cycle Alton

Small classes for three different types of learning needs:

A:  “I haven’t ridden my bike for years- I’d be a danger to any traffic and will wobble like mad”. Small groups of up to 5 ‘wobbly’ cyclists in traffic-free and flat car parks.

B:  “I’m OK riding my bike on quiet roads but I hate cycling through Alton when it’s busy”. Small groups of up to 5 ‘unconfident’ cyclists through the town, outside peak hours.

C:  “I’ve always wanted to ride a bicycle. I’ve got one in the shed - it glares at me!” Individuals who want to learn to ride a bike from scratch.

Covid-19 Information and Guidance

All training takes place outside