Antarctic Talks 2023: Searching for Clues to the Future in Antarctica’s Past

Hosted by Gilbert White’s Field Studies Centre, Selborne


Thursday 23 February 2023


From 7pm until 8:30pm




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This evening talk will be led by Dr David Wilson, a lecturer from the Department of Earth Sciences at University College London and will take place in the Gilbert White's Field Studies Centre as part of the Antarctic talk series

The vast polar ice sheet in Antarctica is a major player in the Earth’s climate system. It reflects light and cools the planet, and it controls the pathways of deep ocean currents. Without it, global sea levels would be around 55 metres higher than present. But predicting how it will behave in a future warming world has been a major challenge for scientists. Fortunately, both sediment cores and ice cores from Antarctica allow us to travel back in time to explore how the Antarctic ice sheet behaved during past warming events, such as those 130,000 and 400,000 years ago. This is a story of geological detective work, and one that is still ongoing. By deciphering the chemical fingerprints left behind in seafloor sediments and in the ice itself, we can answer questions such as: How did the ice sheet respond to past ocean warming? What can we learn about Antarctica’s future? And what are the implications for humanity?

When you purchase your ticket it is for the in-person event, however you will also be sent a zoom link if you would prefer to watch the talk from home.