Alton's Open Air Cinema & Live Music - House of Gucci

Hosted by Anstey Park, Alton

This event has been cancelled. See details below.


Thursday 7 July 2022


From 8pm


£7.85 - £16.35


More details are available from the organisers website


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This event has been cancelled.

Silent Summer Screenings are back with a fun-filled evening of live music and an amazing movie

Using wireless headphones for all of the event's sound, turns these evenings into a memorable night of dancing, laughing and singing under the stars.

Doors Open: 8:00 pm

Live Music Starts: 8:45 pm

Film Start (approx): 9:45 pm

Event Finish (approx): 11:59 pm (in case you want to book a taxi!)

House of Gucci - Rating: 15

The Low Down

Some of you may already be Silent Summer Screeners (welcome back, we’ve missed you!) To those of you who are new here… you are in for a real treat.

Join us for a magical evening under the stars with live music, great food (perhaps a cheeky drink..) and an amazing movie.

But that’s not all! We do things a little differently around here…

We use wireless headphones for the event’s sound! We’re simultaneously celebrating the great outdoors and creating a cosy and immersive experience… How cool is that? PLUS, making this a silent screening allows us to put these events on in your community without disturbing the local residents and wildlife. Everyone wins!

Covid-19 Information and Guidance

All headphones will be cleaned and sanitised before and after the event. For those who want, sanitiser wipes will be available for you to use. Please dispose of these appropriately Hand washing/sanitising stations will be on site