Alton Open Minds

Hosted by Alton Quaker Meeting House, Alton


Saturday 18 January 2020


From 7:30pm


This is a free event. Please visit our website to reserve your space.


More details are available from the organisers website

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Event details may be subject to change without notice.

A new initiative in the Alton area that aims to create a welcoming and informal space for people to connect with others around a range of social and political themes, issues or challenges of or age.

The Open Minds initiative will run every month from the 18th January for 6 months. Each evening or ‘conversation’ will begin with an invited guest introducing a specific theme for discussion before a space is created for the audience to engage in ‘conversation’ around the theme. The participation of audience members will be voluntary. Themes are likely to include the climate emergency, migration, modern day slavery, gender identity and homelessness. The series has been designed to encourage people to come to as many 'conversations' as they can rather than to 'pick and choose' specific themes.

It is hoped the event will be of interest to all. Our first evening is titled 'the climate and ecological emergencies'.

Please see our website for more information