Alton MarmART Trail

Hosted by Alton


Tuesday 24 November 2020 to Saturday 23 January 2021






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Join in a free, marmot-alicious, family day out this Winter - the Marmot Winter Olympic Team are in town and it’s your job to find them all!

Scan their QR codes to learn the names and stories of all 10 merry marmot athletes and then read a free eBook about their Winter Olympic adventure!

The trail works by using contactless QR Code technology, without the need for players to download an app or sign up to anything. Around the town centre you will find 10 Winter Marmots embedded with QR codes.

1. Simply scan each marmots’s QR code with your smartphone’s camera to collect them.

2. You’ll then see a pop-up window telling you about the Marmot and it’s real-life Olympic inspiration – some will also have clues to a final hidden Marmot!

3. Once you’ve collected all 10 you’ll be presented with a link to read a free Christmas eBook featuring all of the Marmots.