Alton Fringe Theatre presents 'ZigZag'

Hosted by The Wessex Arts Centre, Alton


Friday 25 March 2022


From 7:30pm




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ZigZag, written and directed by the AFT's own Simon Applegarth, tells the story of the life and work of Gilbert White

The production is a 'play for voices', very much like a radio play. Using the writings of Gilbert White, Simon has dramatised key events of White's life and brings the story alive with readings, live music and projected images of the beautiful countryide around Selborne. It will be an enjoyable evening.

ZigZag marks the return of Alton fringe Theatre to live performance - We are delighted to be back!

Covid-19 Information and Guidance

Customers are free to exercise their own choice regarding the wearing of face coverings.

Tickets are £10.00 each and are available online at