ACAN event: The floor is yours: imagining a better future for us all

Presented by ACAN - Alton Climate Action & Network


Wednesday 17 March 2021


From 7:30pm until 9pm



Email for the zoom link




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Join ACAN online to answer the question “What If?” and unleash your imagination

“Imagination is the ability to look at things as if they could be otherwise” (John Dewey - social reformer).

And if there was ever a time when we needed imagination, it is now as we face the most serious crisis in human history.

JOIN US online to imagine what a clean, green, healthy, secure, happy future will look like for ourselves and our families.  Then we can set about building that future.

JOIN US online to answer the question “What If?” and unleash your imagination!

No idea is too crazy - who would have thought it would only take 9 years to land someone on the moon?

As history and the Covid pandemic prove, we can act very quickly when motivated.  And all over the world communities are creating better futures for themselves.