Active Alton

Championing Sport and Activity in Alton and the Surrounding Area

Active Alton is aimed at everyone in the GU34 area. It is to inform you about all the opportunities for physical activity and exercise in the locality. Regular physical activity is the most important measure anyone can take to prevent disease and maintain good health into old age. It is easily more effective than anything else your doctor can prescribe to keep you well.

The government has made recommendations about the amount of exercise which we should perform – 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week, with muscle strengthening exercise on two days per week. Unfortunately less than 20% of people reach this target. The result is increased risk of developing such conditions as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, several types of cancer and ultimately frailty in old age and premature death.

To prevent this catalogue of diseases we all need to take exercise – or more exercise. It does not matter which exercise you choose as long as you keep it up. Choose what you will enjoy. If you are not enjoying it you will soon fall by the wayside.

The benefit of Active Alton is that it gives you the widest possible choice. There is an enormous number of exercise and physical activity opportunities available in and around Alton. Listed in this section you will find over 70 different sporting clubs and organisations and some 20 or so venues which host them. There is everything from Archery to Zumba, from Bowls to Walking for Health, from Dance Classes to Kickboxing. Something for everyone.

This section gives you an outline of the activities and the groups that host them. For more information on any of the groups, follow the website or social media links on each entry. Most groups will have much fuller information about themselves on their own websites.

Let Active Alton be your guide to starting or continuing on the road to a healthier you.