Jane Austen Regency Week

Jane Austen Regency Week is a 9-day festival held in Alton and Chawton in Hampshire (UK) each year.

The festival dates are Saturday 20th - Sunday 28th June 2020. The events will include the popular regulars including Alton Regency Day, Alton Regency Ball, talks, music, walks, tours and more.

The Jane Austen Regency Week celebrates both our local internationally-acclaimed writer, and a very interesting period of history, encouraging people to explore their cultural heritage.

The Jane Austen Regency Week is run on a non-commercial basis by a group of volunteers and participating organisations. It is funded through ticket sales, sponsorship and advertising.

In 2020 we are being sponsored by 'Austen Heritage' and Caroline Jane Knight.

For more information please go to www.janeaustenregencyweek.co.uk

All full list of events will be available in early 2020.