Alton Open Minds - Exploring the role of gender in our lives

A new initiative in the Alton area that aims to create a welcoming and informal space for people to connect with others around a range of social and political themes, issues and challenges of our age.

For the second of six monthly conversations Alton Open Minds will be joined by Sally Wrenwood to open the evening and invite us to "explore the role of gender in our lives, in a society where the way we think about and inhabit gender is more diverse and complicated than ever before. We will think about the ways gender can both restrict and free us. We will challenge ourselves to think about gender (our own and other's) in a more open way".

The evening is open to all.

Event Details


Saturday 15 February 2020, from 7:30pm until 9:30pm


Alton Quaker Meeting House, 39 Church St, Alton, Hampshire. GU34 2DA


This is a free event although registration is necessary for those who would like to attend. Please visit our website to register www.altonopenminds.org

Further information

More details are available from the website http://www.altonopenminds.org/

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