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The Past, Present and Future of the South Downs National Park

A presentation into the formation of the UK national parks movement, how the South Downs as a national park came into being, its incredible natural and cultural heritage assets and the challenges for the future

The talk will include a chance to watch a 30 minute version of the popular BBC4 film The South Downs: England's Mountains Green which takes us into the heart of the UK's newest national park - the South Downs, an extraordinary year exploring the park's stunning landscapes, rich history, wildlife and people. What emerges is a portrait of one of Britain's most iconic landscapes, described by William Blake as 'England's mountains green'.

Nick Heasman is the Countryside and Policy Manager for the South Downs National Park Authority and trustee of the Gilbert White & The Oates Collection. He leads a team that develops programmes to support and promote the protected landscape of the UK's third largest and most populated National Park.

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Thursday 18 October 2018, from 6.30pm


Field Studies Centre, High Street, Selborne, Hampshire, GU34 3JU



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